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10 Tips on choosing the right Makeup Artist for your wedding.....

Every Bride wants their BIG day to be special!! The right dress, the right venue, the right Groom, ,Lol.

Let ShyB.Artistry help you pick the right Makeup Artists for your wedding day. (SBA also provides bridal artistry)

1. START EARLY..... Start about eight to nine months prior to your wedding. Compile you a list of makeup artist that you like and do your research. If you attended a wedding and loved the brides makeup, ask for the artists name. Check out their portfolios to assess whether or not you like their makeup styles and compare to the look you desire for your wedding.

2. Reviews matter!!!... Every makeup artist has portfolios of their work and reviews from their clients,. Make sure you take note of reviews from other brides. From this point, you can narrow your search and choose the top makeup artists you like.

3. Try it Out!!... Schedule Bridal Consultations with your top artists. Have a bridal look in mind, you can have pictures of the bridal look you desire for a reference. The makeup artist can get a sense of what you want and create the desired look. This is a good way to see your bridal look come to life and to see how well the makeup lasts. In most cases, Bridal Consultations usually come at a fee.

4. Examine their products... If you have sensitive skin, allergic reactions or prone to acne breakouts. It is very important to discuss this at the bridal consultations. It helps to discuss swapping some products that you prefer and limit number of products used.

5. Remember your entourage!!... Factor in your bridesmaids, family members and special guests. Have a discussion with the makeup artist and ensure they have included everyone in the cost. Let your makeup artist know exactly how many people will need servicing, that way if the number is great, she can recruit an assistant. This aspect is VERY important for large entourages.

6. Double Up!!... If you have a large entourage that need services, considering hiring two makeup artists, that way everyone can be serviced in a timely matter and leave more time for the bride's look. In some cases, the bride has her own artist and the second artist services the entourage. This idea can be helpful but consider pricing when considering this option. It can be expensive, so pricing is very important.

7. Inform the makeup artist about your venue... Its always better to let your to-be makeup artist know what they are working with and this includes their surroundings, environment, work space etc. The artist needs to know how to prepare and what equipment to bring to service the clients. Also, its very important to inform the artists if the venue is outside or maybe even a beach wedding. These details can play a big part on any extra steps that need to be done to ensure the makeup and the makeup artists setup.

8. Prepare the budget and protect yourself... Once you have chosen your makeup artist and all details are in place, have the makeup artist to prepare a bridal contract including all of the details you've discussed; the start times, products, number of the entourage, deposits, etc. all should be included in the contract. Once you have agreed on the prepared contract, pay your deposits and lock in your makeup artists. Also make sure your contracts includes a Plan B for any issues that may arise.

9. Get to know your makeup artist... .of course, you want a makeup artist with a good attitude. It is important to select someone you feel comfortable with and well taken care of by. In return, make sure your makeup artist is comfortable also. Speak with your entourage to ensure your makeup artist is treated with respect. The last thing the bride needs is conflict in an all ready high stress filled day. Create a positive vibe/positive energy between you, ,your entourage and your artist.

10. Prepare your skin.... No matter how professional or seasoned your makeup artist is, you have to do the necessary things to look the part. The best makeup looks require good skin care to look flawless, even makeup artist cannot work miracles at times. Consult with your artist on good skin care regimens to prepare your skin. Especially in the coming weeks to the wedding, eat simple and cut salt from your diet to reduce the appearance of bloating, avoid new food or drinks and HYDRATE! HYDRATE! HYDRATE! Water will be your best friend in your skin care regimen.

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